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Easy Crock-Pot Pulled Pork

We get a lot of great questions about our crock-pot pulled pork. So if you want it, you got it! This recipe is great for a get together, meal prep or football Sunday. What I like about this meal is that is very forgiving and very low maintenance. You can throw this in the crock-pot before work and have an awesome easy meal by the time you get home.


What You'll Need:

1 Pork Shoulder

El Jefe Seasoning

1/4 cup of Vegetable Broth (substitute beef or chicken)


1.  Add broth to bottom of the crock-pot.

2. Generously season the pork shoulder and place it in the crock-pot.

3. Put the lid on the crock-pot and set the heat to the low setting. At this point you can set a timer for 8 hours. Also, there is no need to worry if you run over the 8 hour mark, this is a very forgiving dish and will be fine for another 2-3 hours.

4. At this point I like to take the shoulder out of the crock-pot and throw the bone away and then put the cooked pork in a large dish.

5. Shred the pork. While shredding the pork I like to add more El Jefe. The sugar in the seasoning will melt and the spices will break down causing the flavor to pop!

6. Serve and Enjoy.



I like to get my pork shoulders from Kroger. They usually have them on sale so you can get a 10 pound pork shoulder for $10-$15.





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